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Efficient Management Of Water For Sustainable Water Supply

Efficient Management Of Water For Sustainable Water Supply

"Efficient use of water is one of the most concerning and critical challenges India has been battling with for a long time. The emergence of COVID-19 in late 2019 has highlighted the critical role that clean water and reliable sanitation can play in averting and...

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Every Drop Of Water Leads To Sustainable Urban Development

Every Drop Of Water Leads To Sustainable Urban Development

“World Cities Day” to address the challenges of urbanization contributing to sustainable urban development is a great initiative. One of the most important aspects of urbanization is water and wastewater. We are not running out of water but the real challenge is to...

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The Concept Of “One-Building City”

The Concept Of “One-Building City”

Statistics say that around 72% of the world's investment is just in some thirty-odd cities in the world. It is quite natural for people from other areas to migrate there. Before the virus, it was estimated that in the coming decade 1.6 billion people in the world will...

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Imperative To Build Future-Ready Resilient Cities

Imperative To Build Future-Ready Resilient Cities

 “With over half of the global population living in urban areas, cities and urban local governments have been at the forefront of the pandemic. Cities have been left with an indelible mark, thereby making us rethink various social, cultural, economic and institutional...

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Cities Accomplish Many Wonderful Things

Cities Accomplish Many Wonderful Things

"Cities accomplish many wonderful things - they enable people to exchange ideas, services and many other forms of collaboration. With an unexpected outbreak of coronavirus across the world in 2020, the lives - especially in cities, have come to standstill. In most...

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Water & World Communities

Water & World Communities

By Subhash Sethi, Chairman, SPML Infra Limited The world is changing at an unprecedented pace with faster urbanization, industrialization, and technological innovation. There is an on-going trend of migration from rural settlements to cities as it has become the...

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20-22 January 2021

Mumbai, India

PowerGen India

27-30 Jan 2021 (Virtual)

27-29 Oct 2021 (In Person)

Delhi, India

Water India Expo

24-26 March 2021

Delhi, India

Flood & Wastewater Expo

22-23 September 2021

Birmingham, UK

IWA Digital Water Summit

15-18 November 2021

Bilbao, Spain


November 2020:

Cover Story: Water Purification & Treatment Business,
Tech Focus: Membranes, Housings, Vessels, Pumps, Reverse Osmosis, Biowaste
Closing date: 5th December

December 2020:

Cover Story: Smart Irrigation,
Tech Focus: Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Systems, Pipes, Valves, Waste Disposal
Closing date: 20th December


Cover Story: 3rd Annual Municipal Case Studies SPECIAL ISSUE
Closing date: 5th January

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