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Prakash Muthuswamy, Managing Partner, AUM Systems

Exclusive Quote on World Earth Day – For Smart Water & Waste World:

India is looking to improve its water metering across many municipal water systems. Hitherto, unmetered water supplies will now be metered. Hundreds of thousands of meters will be furnishing data. These would pose operational challenges, as below:

  • Significant numbers of water meters with integrated (AMR) electronics to maintain. So more maintenance friendly features are required.
  • Significant data costs are likely as OPEX costs. Solutions are needed which make O&M cost-effective.
  • Reliable metering from established meter brand.
  • Performance verification at any time, without having to remove the meter.
  • Most importantly, direct comparison with DMA and Bulk Water metering to determine NRW and help reduce NRW.

As a water industry metering specialist, system Integrator, we have developed solutions that meet the above key requirements (contact us to know more). We will be happy to meet with you for further discussions and to provide solutions that will meet your needs, cost-effectively.

– Prakash Muthuswamy
Managing Partner
AUM Systems

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