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By George Rajkumar, Country President, Grundfos India

As we observe World Water Day 2022 to focus on the judicious use of freshwater resources, this year’s theme of ‘Groundwater- making the invisible visible’ highlights the need to protect this critical resource from being overexploited.

In February 2022, the Indian government noted a decline in groundwater levels across 30% of wells monitored in the country. Given that groundwater is a national lifeline in India for all of us and especially the rural communities and agricultural sector, it is important that we preserve and replenish this diminishing resource.

The need of the hour is intervention programs, for instance, a National Groundwater Renewal Mission that will combine science and traditional methods of water conservation to recharge India’s groundwater.

Such a renewal mission should exclusively focus on the last-mile implementation of ambitious programs like smart water meter installation, making efficient solar pumps available to farmers, mandatory adoption of recharging wells for farmlands, rainwater harvesting, and watershed management.

Most importantly, intervention programs will need to educate consumers on the need to preserve groundwater resources. Through a holistic framework, strengthened policy, and a collective approach across local and national levels, India can strengthen its groundwater resources and make the country’s water secure for future generations.

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