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Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) produces unbiased content on water & waste, is home to the most engaged community in the water sector, and offers end-to-end advertising solutions.

With a pan India circulation of 12000 copies, and a thousand reaching overseas markets, and presence in all major Water Industry events including exhibitions & conferences, we aim at establishing our leadership position by more than meeting the expectations and delivering the value to our advertisers, subscribers, and readers.

If you are interested in maximizing the impact of your ads and the ROI which they generate, SWWW is the right medium for you. To advertise with us, e-mail our advertising team :

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A strong platform unaffected by market pressure providing unbiased content.


Transparency and assured reach to the decision-makers and budget holders that matter.


Dedicated frequency and consistent quality of product.


A focus on the issues, trends, opportunities and needs of the people driving the business.


Engage with the government community who form the biggest and most influential section of our readers.


A dedicated marketing, operations and online team of the Beyond Expectations to deliver a quality engagement experience.


We are the only Indian publication in water industry that provides the online/social media presence you need.


Editor’s Focus :


Tech Focus / Bonus Section :

Automation, Biological, Biosolids, Contamination, Desalination, Digital, Disinfection, Filtration, Floods, Leak Detection, Membranes, Meters, Networks, Pipes, Pumps, Reclamation, Reuse, Sludge, Softwares, Solid Waste, Tanks, Valves, Wastewater, Water Loss

Deadlines :

Content : 25th Nov.

Ads : 30th Nov.

Event Distribution :

The Pumps Symposia 30th Nov, IWET Industrial Webinar 15th December

Editor’s Focus :


Tech Focus / Bonus Section :

Case Studies Based in Municipal, Utilities, or Industrial Plants & Projects (Water / Wastewater / Solid Waste)

Deadlines :

Content : 10th Jan.

Ads : 15th Jan.

Event Distribution :

IWET Industrial Webinar Jan.

Editor’s Focus :


Tech Focus / Bonus Section :

Automation, Boilers, CETPs, Chemicals, Cooling Towers, Dewatering, Digital, Filtration, Instrumentation, Ion Exchange, Membranes, Meters, Pipes, Process Water, Pumps, Reuse, Reverse Osmosis, Separation, Sludge, Solid Waste, Tanks, Valves, Wastewater, ZLD

Deadlines :

Content : 20th Feb.

Ads : 25th Feb.

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    “I have been reading the SWWW magazine and continue to receive good information about the latest development in water sector in India and from around the world. Oriented by the requirement of sustainable water management, it continues to provide diverse information on various aspects of water and wastewater that are innovatively intelligent, exceptional and of excellent quality. Through its diversified articles and innovative case studies, I am sure the magazine is widely read and trusted by water professionals.”

    – Subhash Sethi, Chairman

    “It has been a pleasure to be associated with a magazine that has made an impressive start in such a short span. Kudos to the entire team for creating such a wonderful platform that provides latest updates in the water sector and acts as a melting pot for ideas from thought leaders in the government as well as the private sector to address water-related challenges. Wishing you more success in the years to come and in all your future endeavors.”

    – Rajneesh Chopra, Global Head – Business Development

    “With water becoming a subject of national relevance, sharing knowledge and insight on water, wastewater and trends pertaining to it, become of paramount importance. The Smart Water & Waste World team’s work on this front has helped promote these efforts.”

    – Ranganath NK, Area Managing Director – INDO Region

    “We have been subscribing to the magazine for 8-10 months now. And personally, one copy comes to me. I make it a point to read it. The articles are very interesting, it’s very informative. I think a lot of things that are happening in the industry which we might not be aware of – we get to know from SWWW magazine. The content covers the whole spectrum of water & wastewater.”

    – Hemant Joshi, Head – Water & Waste Solutions
    Thermax Ltd.

    “Smart Water & Waste World magazine can play a very important part in the future of water, in India. The ability to capture ideas, case studies, hot topics, issues of importance to water in a written format, and publishing that allows for the distribution of that knowledge in a single source to multiple people who need that information. It is important to have a magazine that helps with the business of water, helps to unite the utilities, service providers, consultants, so that they can have one common platform – that, in itself, helps to propel the future of water. I think they have a critical role about water’s future in India.”

    – David Lafrance, CEO
    AWWA (American Water Works Association)

    “We find them to be professional, especially their focus on the cutting-edge of technology and being able to benchmark case studies across the world. Keep up the good work. Also, they run a unique Jalsabha program where different aspects of smart management are discussed and what is relevant to India is recommended. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors and continue to provide your readers with valuable information regarding smart water and wastewater.”

    – K Ashok Natarajan, CEO
    Tamilnadu Water Investment Company (TWIC) Ltd.

    “My heartiest felicitations for the Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW). It is perhaps the need of the day to spread awareness regarding all aspects of water, to use the water judiciously, conserve water, and treat the wastewater. I think one area where SWWW can focus on is how do you do advocacy vis-à-vis government, in terms of policies.”

    – Dr. Malini V Shankar, Member – Board of Directors

    “SWWW magazine is the most reliable source of information that is very helpful for the water industry players like us. It helps businesses to make informed buying-decisions to accelerate their business by offering the right mix of news, products, trends, and analysis. It gathers information from varied disciplines on water & wastewater from across the globe, and most significantly India. Being in the industry I do follow the content by this magazine and it is a great resource to us. Good work done by its management and a way to go!”

    – Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman
    KENT RO Systems Ltd.

    “Kudos to SWWW for their valuable contribution to the vital water sector, covering the whole spectrum of water – domestic, commercial, industrial, and municipal with comprehensive news and analysis.”

    – Rajul Parikh, Director
    Ace Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd. (Alfaa UV)

    “Smart Water & Waste World magazine is a great platform for the industry. My team regularly snacks upon this magazine to get industry updates and to stay informed. Congratulations to the Smart Water & Waste World team for their amazing work.”

    – Pathik Gopani, CEO & MD
    Gopani Product Systems

    “This magazine publishes various issues on water and waste which are often inclusive, balanced, deeply analyzed, and handled – such contemporary issues are having policy implications at the center and state levels.”

    – Syamal Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow & Senior Director
    TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute)

    “SWWW offers a powerful platform for all stakeholders across the water sector to air their voices. It goes a long way in establishing the adage, and for improving your business-reach – the support of an innovative press and online media is necessary. We’ve been associated with them since their inception and the team has been providing us exceptional services be it magazine editorials, conferences, or trade events.”

    – Turbaashu Bhattacharya, Business Head
    Roserve Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

    “Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) has undoubtedly become the leader in its field by providing unbiased and quality information about the sector. The editor and his team have understood the need of the audience very well and touched the pulse of the readers with a mix of both traditional and new approaches. It acts not only as a good magazine with a lot of information but also encourages people to “think” to make a “New India” in the field. It provides latest news and information, technology trends from India and abroad, well-written articles, and off-course the interviews connecting with the think-tanks. SWWW provides an excellent platform for sharing views and connecting with professionals, government and non-government organizations, utilities, industries, EPCs & consulting companies, technology providers, and equipment suppliers.”

    – Dr. Indra N. Mitra, Director – Technology & Project Development
    Cambi India

    “I know I can trust Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) to have the latest news on critical issues. From the regulatory landscape to technological innovation, Smart Water & Waste World provides the information I need to drive success as a professional in the water industry.”

    – Chrys Fernandes, Regional Marketing Manager – Wastewater & Specialty Solution
    DuPont Water Solutions

    “What made me come to Jal Sabha (SWWW Municipal Summit) was reading the magazine. Every page, I felt, has something to talk about. There were not just articles written for the sake of articles. There were real case studies, something solid. I really found the magazine to be a page-turner. Keep it up Smart Water & Waste World.”

    – Satyajai Mayor, Managing Director
    Permionics Membranes

    “Smart Water & Waste World is a window into global efforts towards enhancing water management, technologies, and innovation. By offering well-researched, quality content and expert insights, your magazine is inculcating water responsibility in all its readers.”

    – Sadhguru, Founder
    Isha Foundation

    “I thank the Founder & CEO Kailash Shirodkar and Editor Mayur Sharma for providing an informative magazine. The stories your cover from water industry are unique and untold which will be helpful for the others to learn from. Mainly global news and information on new products and new technologies are always special in Smart Water & Waste World magazine.”

    – Balakrishna BM, Founder

    “I have been associated with Mayur for the past 8-9 years. As a good associate of water business management in India, SPML Infra has contributed editorially very well. When they started Smart Water & Waste World, I thought maybe it will be like any other water publication but fantastically it was quite surprising – the kind of content they create is awesome. Very good information. And the best part is that the magazine comes out on day one of every month which is normally not happening in India and it’s a fantastic job. Very good quality and good looking magazine.”

    – Tariq Siddiqui, Media & Communication Head

    “Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) has been a pioneer in spreading the much-needed awareness, market insights on policy and trends, best practices and opportunities in the Indian water sector. Together, with its flagship Jal Sabha event which is an excellent platform for utilities and suppliers – Smart Water & Waste World is set to have a transformative role in shaping the dialogue and future of the water sector in India.”

    – Fredrick Royan, Global VP Research, Sustainability & Circular Economy – Industrial
    Frost & Sullivan