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Industry leaders and experts from India’s Water & Waste sector react to the Union Budget 2021 presented on February 1, 2021…

“We welcome the government’s disbursement of Rs 2.87 lakh crore towards distribution of clean water across the country through the Jal Jeevan Mission. While the Jal Jeevan mission is bringing a much required attention to India’s looming water crisis, we hope that a considerable amount of this budget outlay is used in the adoption of modern technology that will make this possible at minimal cost. We believe that technology has the potential to make water management effective thereby playing a crucial role in solving India’s water issue.


Water management is a topic heavily influenced by the geopolitics of each region, interconnected with a myriad of factors that make it genuinely complex to monitor the implementation and management of these investments. Therefore, we look forward towards the implementation of this allocation and hope that a substantial amount is applied towards creating an accurate central monitoring system. This would be a quantum leap in resolving the issue of India’s water crisis using current technology as it would be just a small fraction of the total cost without burdening taxpayers at the same time help local authorities.”

– Shishir Thakur, Co-founder, Cranberry Analytics

Cranberry Analytics – a technology-enabled analytics company that works in the area of water measurement. Cranberry Analytics works with water utility companies and uses both on-ground and online tech solutions to map water use and water efficiency across its distribution and consumption cycle. Their primary focus is on getting water utilities (most of which are state-run and use tax-payer money) to reduce cash burn and eventually turn cash-positive. The organization is among the very few in India that can provide end-to-end services in this area.

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