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Qatium will unveil its water management platform at Aquatech Amsterdam on Nov 2nd at 5 PM.

Spain: Digital water company Qatium (Kay-tee-um) has onboarded over 150 water utilities in last three months, and will be launching its water management platform at Aquatech Amsterdam on November 2nd, 2021.

Qatium gives utilities of all sizes the visibility to improve network performance, identify efficiencies and ensure continuity of service. By combining hydraulic models with SCADA, AMI and GIS data, Qatium can simulate demand spikes and water shutdowns, predict bottlenecks, identify leaks, run flushing scenarios to reduce solids and monitor water quality.

Today, Qatium provides municipalities and water utilities with deep analytics for managing their networks regardless of their size, expertise or resources.

Qatium Founder and CEO Roberto Tórtola set out the company’s long term goals: “Qatium aims to be the single-source of truth for water professionals and a global marketplace for water utilities, open source software developers, service providers and technology vendors.”

Since the launch of its early adopter program less than three months ago, over 150 utilities from around the world have started using Qatium to improve the management and delivery of their water systems.

Gavin Van Tonder, Executive Director of Water at NEOM, explains the early success of the platform: “We were impressed by Qatium’s simplicity and unique visualization capabilities. With Qatium, we were able to see results from day one.”

Qatium will be unveiled on November 2nd at 5 PM CET at the Digital Hub’s Aquastage at Aquatech Amsterdam. Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading water trade show, bringing together more than 15,000 water professionals to discuss issues relevant to the clean water and wastewater industries.

Kevin Wyckoff of the Lakewood Water District in Washington, one of the many utilities in the US to use Qatium says: “In addition to the network insights it provides, Qatium is an intuitive and collaborative tool to test new ideas, facilitate training and transfer knowledge.”


“Visibility is key to making water systems more efficient, safer, and more affordable. With Qatium, operators can better understand network behavior, optimize system performance, and ensure continuity and resilience by proactively protecting assets and communities.” says Dragan Savic, CEO at KWR Water Research Institute, Professor of Hydroinformatics at the University of Exeter, and a member of Qatium’s advisory board.


Jeffrey Kightlinger, the former GM of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and a member of Qatium’s advisory board concurs: “Qatium is changing the face of the water industry with tools that help water managers optimize their systems and meet the challenge of climate change.”

Qatium gives water utilities of all sizes the power of hydraulic modeling and predictive analytics to improve network performance, identify efficiencies and ensure continuity of service. An open and collaborative water management platform, Qatium is built on deep industry expertise and an aspiration to shape the future of digital water management.

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