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High-performance and sustainability go hand in hand with the next-generation reverse osmosis technology from DuPont.

India: DuPont Water Solutions has launched a new portfolio of reverse osmosis (RO) elements for the treatment of brackish water in industrial applications. FilmTec™ Prime RO elements provide unparalleled performance while boasting exceptional sustainability metrics and retaining compatibility with existing RO systems.

Building on the strong foundation of the industry-standard FilmTec™ BW30 platform which has been delivering robust and reliable results for over 40 years, the next-generation FilmTec™ Prime RO elements require up to 20% less energy while improving permeate quality by up to 60%.

Analysis using US Environmental Protection Agency tools indicates that the positive sustainability impact of FilmTec™ Prime RO, which has the potential to reduce global CO2 emissions by approximately 85,000 metric tons each year (based on global adoption), is equivalent to the emissions generated by an average car driving 211 million miles (340 million kilometers).

This unprecedented global sustainability impact is delivered while retaining compatibility with existing brackish water RO treatment systems, allowing operators to upgrade easily and secure the benefits of this transformative technology. The portfolio includes elements for a diverse range of applications, including fouling-resistant elements for seawater applications.

“At DuPont Water Solutions, we are committed to driving forward innovation, working together with our global customers to tackle the toughest of challenges while achieving the lowest cost of water,” said Verónica García Molina, DuPont Water Solutions Global Marketing Manager, Industrial Water & Desal. “FilmTec™ Prime RO is defining the next generation of reverse osmosis elements through an unparalleled combination of product specification, durability, and cleanability, which unlocks significant improvements in permeate quality while decreasing energy requirements. This transformative technology means operators no longer have to choose between high performance and sustainability as we strive to build a water-optimized world.”

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