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Stainless steel Porometric mesh from GKD, with pore openings of 13 25 µm, is currently considered the best product on the market for water filtration.

Major interest in woven filter media for key environmental issues

Europe: “The range of topics that GKD is currently working on was well-received by visitors to the fair,” said Peter Wirtz, Head of Industrial Mesh at GKD Group, regarding GKD’s appearance at AQUATECH Amsterdam.

The company’s presence at the trade fair focused on woven filter media as well as metal mesh sieve and filter segments for water filtration. Yet, the technical weaver’s diverse projects and activities in the field of renewable energies and other highly topical environmental technologies also received an unexpected amount of attention.

High-Performance Mesh for Water Processing
Traditionally, AQUATECH Amsterdam is an important meeting point for users and manufacturers as the leading global trade fair for the water industry. GKD presented solutions for the treatment of process, ballast, and wastewater that have proven their worth in practice many times over in the form of the Optimized Dutch Weave (ODW) and Porometric mesh product ranges. The specific design of meshes ensures excellent dirt holding capacity, low flow resistance, and simple regenerability. Optimized Dutch Weaves made of stainless steel are a single-ply mesh design with small, slot-shaped pores on the surface and larger pores inside the mesh. Thanks to precisely defined pore geometry, exact filtration rates, and high permeability, they have been synonymous with reliable efficiency in the fine filtration of wastewater for many years. The weaves achieve impressive results in industrial and municipal micro-sieving with a high flow rate and low clogging tendency at a geometric pore size of 5 μm. A high-performance, three-dimensional mesh made of stainless steel, Porometric offers a 30% greater free filter surface and up to 40% higher flow rates than a flat mesh due to its open, ridge-shaped weave. With an open area of up to 90%, this mesh type achieves the best results for separation performance, dirt holding capacity, and cleaning. In addition to the lower weight per unit area, reduced energy and space requirements also contribute to the efficient filtration of large volumes. Sustainable efficiency and mechanical robustness qualify both mesh ranges for demanding tasks in large-scale water processing. Many specialists visiting the fair were looking for solutions for optimizing flow rates and filter performance and used the opportunity to see the latest developments to this mesh for themselves at AQUATECH Amsterdam. They entered into in-depth discussions with GKD technicians about specific applications in process and waste water treatment or preliminary filters in building services.

Innovative Analysis Tools with Stainless Steel Mesh
Patented GKD solutions for analyzing microplastic contamination in water were another key topic of conversation with many specialists. With the microfilter crucible and a basket with an integrated filter cascade for fractioned sampling, GKD has developed two process solutions that have been proven in practice and which drew attendees from a range of different sectors: The stainless-steel filter crucible is both a filter and a sample holder. This not only simplifies sample preparation but also minimizes particulate loss or contamination. Furthermore, it boasts improved analysis precision and saves a significant amount of time in laboratory studies. The sampling basket can be equipped with six modular sieve pans with different pore sizes. The sieve cascade that this creates is inserted into a standard vibrator tower for DIN-compliant fractioning of the particulate loads. It demonstrated impressive potential for large-scale scientific investigations in a research project set up by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) – “RAU – Tire abrasion in the environment”.

Focus on Renewable Energies and CO2 Reduction
“In addition to water processing and analysis topics, urgent environmental issues played an unexpectedly big role at the trade fair,” emphasizes Peter Wirtz. Visitors to the stand experiencedGKD’s broad expertise in the field of renewable energies and CO2 reduction. As a sought-after partner for research institutions, manufacturers, and users, GKD is active in current environmental matters with many projects and products. Examples include filter media used in the direct air capture (DAC) of CO2 and special meshes for different processes in the context of green hydrogen. The spectrum of solutions for the decarbonization of industry based on woven metal filter media led to numerous in-depth discussions. Based on specific use cases, the filtration experts discussed a wide range of challenges and possible solutions with representatives from industry and research. “The great interest in our solutions for key environmental issues was unexpected at this trade fair,” says Peter Wirtz happily. He adds: “The specialists recognized our solid competence and extensive practical experience, so we are now following up on various projects and solutions that we touched upon in initial discussions.”

GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, As a privately owned technical weaver, is a market leader in metal, synthetic and spiral mesh solutions. Three independent business divisions bundle their expertise under one roof: Industrial Mesh (woven metal mesh and filter solutions), Process Belts (belts made of mesh and spirals), Architectural meshes (façades, safety, interior design and transparent media façades / Mediamesh® made of metal fabrics). GKD has its headquarter in Germany and six other facilities in the US, South Africa, China, India and Chile – as well as its branches in France, Spain, Dubai and worldwide representatives.

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