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India: Gradiant Corporation has secured four Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) projects in India via its Gradiant India Pvt Ltd (GIPL) division.

Gradiant will provide end-to-end water recycling solutions for these clients in the textile processing, dyestuff and alkali-chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries through its proprietary suite of technologies.

These projects are anticipated to recycle from 100 to 4000 kiloliters per day of highly contaminated effluent.

“With tightening regulations on businesses that produce water discharge from industrial effluents and a looming water crisis coupled with increasing water demand (over 220 billion m3 by 2025) within India, there is mounting pressure on our current and future clients to find viable ways to combat the growing costs incurred by these challenges. Pharmaceutical and textile-based customers are beginning to accept our proprietary solutions which they acknowledge will significantly reduce the cost and increase the reliability of treating wastewater,” said GIPL’s Managing Director, Ravichandran Selvaraj. “We are excited to help solve industrial wastewater problems in India by providing sustainable end-to-end solutions.”

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