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Israel: IDE Technologies has been announced by the Tender Committee of Israel’s Ministry of Finance as the winner of the Sorek B BOT tender, for the Design, Finance, Construction, Operation and Maintenance for 25 years of a 200 Million m3/year SWRO facility, which will be the largest desalination plant in Israel and one of the largest in the world.

In addition to offering a profoundly comprehensive and detailed design that met the tender’s requirements in full, IDE Technologies has offered an exceptionally low water price of 1.45 NIS (equivalent to ~0.41 USD), which is predicted to set a new benchmark for seawater desalination water prices on a global scale.

Achieving such a competitive water price was made possible by combining the most advanced and innovative technologies, state-of-the-art design that optimizes energy utilization, chemical usage (in addition to other consumables), and last but not least – advanced modular design of multiple elements of the facility, which is considered the next generation of desalination plants design.

“We poured into the design of the Sorek B facility all the know-how, experience and expertise we’ve gained across more than 55 years of experience and hundreds of successful global facilities across the globe,” explains Alon Tavor, CEO of Sorek B. “Once again, IDE is leading the water treatment world and setting a new industry benchmark, which is the culmination of extensive research and development, coming to fruition on this monumental occasion.”

“In our eyes, not only is the Sorek B win a testament to our uncompromising standards, experience, and solid reputation, but also a direct continuation of our line of recent successes in Asia and Latin America,” says Gal Zohar, CEO of IDE Assets. “We’re convinced that the new standard we’ve set will help propel the water treatment world forward, and encourage the construction of additional high-efficiency, environmentally sustainable and low-cost desalination facilities worldwide.”

IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction, and operation of some of the world’s largest and most advanced thermal and membrane desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants. IDE partners with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries, and power plants – on all aspects of water projects, and delivers approximately 3 million m3/day of high-quality water worldwide.

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