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The TS-30 improved membrane distillation system – in operation – at an industrial site in Singapore.

USA: The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd US patent number 11235284 that covers the compression and expansion based Improved Membrane Distillation process TS-30™ and its various applications.

The system operates in the principle of simple thermodynamic (heat and mass transfer) and the driving force is the partial vapor pressure gradient across the membrane. The TS-30™ system operates relatively low temperature and pressure when compared to the conventional thermal and pressure-driven membrane process and handles high-salinity wastewater.

The technology has been well demonstrated for industrial liquid-waste treatment and resource recovery for pharmaceutical, chemical/ pulp, and metal finishing/ mining industries. It helps to close the industrial liquid-waste loop and recover up to 100% chemicals (metal salts, acids, and other chemical compounds) and >95% of water at >80% lower operating cost compared to traditional evaporators. Moreover, the technology also reduces the carbon footprint by up to 80%.

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our TS-30™ Improved Membrane Distillation technology and granted this patent,” said Dr J Antony Prince, the CEO of Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd. “The patent further strengthens our commercialization efforts and differentiates our TS-30™ Improved Membrane Distillation system against the traditional membrane distillation methods and provides Memsift Innovations a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. The patented invention is the core of our business and we believe it will help us to bring this wonderful technology to the global market.”

Memsift Innovations has an extensive portfolio of patents or patent applications covering all key products and creates shareholder value by giving Memsift Innovations both the freedom to operate and significant product differentiation.

With more global legislation and heightened corporate environmental consciousness, Memsift plan to go fundraising to capture the big emerging green circular market opportunities. Memsift wants to accelerate its growth to build a new factory to scale larger industrial production of patented and patent-pending membranes and the modules [Stomate®, MemRain™, Mistil™, and GOSEP™], increase time-to-market of its winning product portfolio, expand market share by opening oversea sales and aftermarket service offices and strengthen its organizational capability.

Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd is a technology-based company registered in Singapore. Memsift is the developer and manufacturer of the novel vapor transfer membrane STOMATE® and the Improved Membrane Distillation system TS-30™. Memsift is providing solutions for high-strength industrial effluent treatment, liquid-waste volume reduction, resource recovery, brine treatment, zero liquid discharge, and aqueous/organic separations for various industries using their proprietary technologies.

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