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A Healthy Watershed

  • Isle, Water Foundry, and Atlantean Media commit to accelerating technology innovation
  • Initiative will address water risks and climate impacts through corporate water strategies
  • Bias for action will support the environment, communities, and businesses

UK: An alliance to help restore and create healthy watersheds has been announced by three leading global water sector organizations. Technology and business consultancy Isle, together with global corporate water strategy and innovation advisor Water Foundry, and water specialist communication and brand company Atlantean Media have announced an alliance to harness their cross-sector expertise to link the public and private markets.

The three organizations are dedicated to creating a catalytic community dedicated to establishing and sustaining healthy watersheds globally by aligning practical interventions with strategic expertise, helping to marry tangible solutions with long-term ambitions. The partners are committed to working with stakeholders across the water value chain, with the aim of contributing to economic development, business growth, ecosystem health, and social well-being.

Watershed health is critical to the environment we all live and work in. Corporations and innovative technology companies working with the public sector, NGOs, investors, academic institutions, and civil society have unique capabilities and scale to create and maintain healthy watersheds. The partners believe that for healthy watersheds to thrive, businesses need to be engaged and driven with a collective purpose.

Isle, Water Foundry, and Atlantean Media will offer a portfolio of bespoke services including:

  • Access to global best practices and research data on technology innovation and strategy
  • Analysis of water risk and business value at risk, along with the impact on individual watersheds
  • Strategic advice on technology and project investments within and across the value chain including nature-based solutions
  • Communication and content strategy and delivery, helping organizations articulate their steps to support healthy watersheds to the global community and customers

Benjamin Tam, chief executive, Isle, said, “We believe everyone should live in, and have access, to healthy watersheds. However, progress has been fragmented to date. As Isle continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to partner with Water Foundry and Atlantean to present a unique consultancy offering to the market.”


Will Sarni, founder & chief executive of Water Foundry said, “Water Foundry continually looks to partner with like-minded organizations that have a bias for action and a solutions-oriented approach to solve global water challenges. Both Isle and Atlantean Media are aligned with our mission, strategy, and commitment to drive meaningful global and local impact.”


Tom Freyberg, founder and managing director of Atlantean Media, said, “To create healthy watersheds, a multi-stakeholder approach is needed, from multinationals to utilities, from investors to start-ups, from academia to engineers. Uniting the Isle, Water Foundry, and Atlantean global networks, we can connect the right organizations with a bias for action to make a change.”

Isle’s vision is to be the leading catalyst in water industry transformation through exceptional business insight, technology, and innovative solutions. Isle offers a unique synergy between business and technology consulting.

Water Foundry is committed to solving water scarcity, water quality, and equitable access to water challenges within our lifetime through innovation in business strategy, technology, partnerships, business models, and funding/financing. It is a trusted advisor to select global clients in the public and private sector, technology providers, and investors in solving wicked water challenges.

Atlantean Media connects water and people with inspiring content. The global media company has over a decade of experience, spanning the world and creatively bringing engineering-based content to life across the water, energy, renewables, and sustainability markets.

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