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By Mohammed Naser Azeez, MD, Aquality Water Solutions

World Environment Day 2022 is celebrated under the theme ‘Only One Earth’ set out by the United Nations to convey the message that in the universe, there are millions of galaxies and their planets, but there is Only One Earth.

The global campaign of this year calls for collective and transformative action to celebrate, protect and restore our planet. For most nations, a healthy environment has become more important than the economy itself as the devastating effect of environmental imbalances is far and wide and affecting livelihood. World Environment Day on 5th June is celebrated since 1973 and it has grown into the largest global platform for environmental consciousness, awareness, and protection. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is leading the initiative and pursuing governments across the globe to take real and effective steps in safeguarding the environment.

Our environment requires urgent solutions. The triple planetary crisis: climate change, nature, and biodiversity loss, and the increase in pollution and waste, need urgent attention and proper action to protect the planet, and it is now more important than ever. Our water sources which are the lifeline of the ecological system are declining and getting polluted due to increased human activities. The freshwater sources are shrinking and the remaining ones have become contaminated leading to the loss of human lives and the surrounding environment.

Half a century later, the planet earth is now facing multiple emergencies. Climate change is happening too fast for humans and nature to adapt to it. Natural disasters are happening frequently leading to the loss of habitat and many other pressures on the earth’s ecosystem. These events leading to the estimated one million species are under threat of extinction. Air, soil, and water are continuously polluted.

The world is inching towards 8 billion population and one-in-four people do not have access to safe drinking water. Unsafe water is responsible for 1.2 million deaths each year. Over 6% of deaths in low-income countries are the direct result of drinking from contaminated water sources. Clean and safe water has become very precious and lots of regional conflicts are happening on access to water.

India is grappling with the dual challenge of fast-shrinking fresh water sources and increasing of water pollution. The water stress is felt across the country and India’s biggest cities are more affected leading to water supply disruptions and compromising quality.

The Transformation
Time is running out and nature is in emergency mode. If the necessary actions are not taken, exposure to air and water pollution outside the safety level will further increase by 50% over the decade, and plastic waste going to water bodies will almost triple by 2040 leading to a severe ecological crisis. To keep global warming below 1.5°C this century, it is necessary to halve annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The way out of such a situation is the transformation of the economy and society to become more inclusive, reasonable, and more connected with nature. It is necessary to move from any practices causing damage to the planet for it to heal and restore. The technology has been developing and there are solutions available now to implement the transformation in greater magnitude towards a sustainable system.

Aquality Water Solutions Pvt Ltd has been working for over a decade to provide sustainable water treatment solutions that are aligned with nature. The systems and processes it advocates and implements involve identifying the issue, developing robust solutions, building support, and bringing issues to address, and together with advanced technology to ensure that the desired outcome is sustainable and according to environment mindfulness.

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