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Australia: Ozwater 2019 visitors have welcomed high-performance inlet screening and grit removal technology ideally suited to Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) operating in sandy environments throughout Australasia.

CST Wastewater Solutions exhibited the latest Smith and Loveless PISTA® 360™ technology – which removes 95 percent of grit as small as 105 microns – at Ozwater 19 in Melbourne from May 7-9.

“We received a lot of interest in this technology, which eliminates the build-up of grit in downstream aeration basins and sludge digesters. Visitors were particularly surprised by the level of fine grit removal achieved, which lifts performance levels from the 1970s and 80s right up to the future,” said CST Wastewater Solutions Managing Director, Michael Bambridge.

The technology is particularly relevant to councils and utilities serving the more than 85 percent of Australia’s population living within 50 km of the coast and more than 72 percent of New Zealanders living within 10 km of the coast, often in sandy areas.

Research by the Australian Journal of Coastal Research found that Australian beaches consist of fine to medium size sand (-0.1mm to 1.0mm) with only 4% consisting of coarse sand.

The removal of the fine sands reduces damage to downstream equipment from abrasion and accumulation of grit channels and basins. It enhances WWTP reliability, reduces OH&S hazards involved in unclogging systems and helps to prevent environmental spills from blocked and flooded systems.

“PISTA® technology sets the global benchmark for grit removal. It far exceeds the established standard for grit removal, which has been 95 percent removal at 250 microns. We are now achieving the same removal efficiency at 105 microns (140 mesh) and with a 10:1 turndown with this latest technology, which sets an entirely new benchmark,” said Mr Bambridge, whose company also exhibited GWE waste-to-energy technology and KDS compact and portable automatic liquid-to-solid waste separator technology that removes more than 50 percent of the water from wastewater sludge to provide a 50 percent reduction in transportation costs.

CST Wastewater Solutions Packages
New engineer-and-build water and wastewater treatment and recycling packages from CST Wastewater Solutions are aimed at industries and municipalities that want to lower the cost and complexity of such projects.

The design, supply and install packages – incorporating global and locally manufactured technologies proven in use by some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading companies and councils – are aimed particularly at:

  • Councils seeking engineering assistance to develop clear choices and optimum solutions incorporating advanced low-maintenance technologies providing high levels of water purity while reducing maintenance, waste handling and OH&S issues associated with running them.
  • Industries seeking readily constructed or portable, low maintenance solutions for operations particularly in remote, ecologically or environmentally sensitive areas – ranging from resources or agribusiness developments in the country or outback, through to food, beverage, manufacturing and processing plants sharing precious water resources with urban areas.

Rather than presenting such organizations with a jigsaw of disparate collections of technologies and engineering services options for them to piece together, the packaged solutions focus on clear, properly engineered solutions that deliver what they promise. CST offers turnkey solutions based on a known raw water quality and guaranteeing water quality outcomes thus giving user engineers significant confidence in the outcomes and limiting their exposure and potential concerns, says Michael Bambridge, Managing Director of CST Wastewater Solutions.

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