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“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

– Robert Frost

Editor’s Note, October 2019

When we had come out with the inaugural issue of Smart Water & Waste World (SWWW) magazine in October last year, I had made some promises on behalf of our team – to our readers and content contributors which I would like to recount and in a way remind ourselves. We cannot afford to forget them now, one year later, and as the SWWW brand gets more recognition in the time to come – it becomes even more significant for us to always keep an eye on them while we strive to work towards being a neutral, unbiased, and sensible media platform for the water & waste sector.

To become the most trusted source of information and help you make informed buying decisions, we will come up with the right blend of project news, products, market trends, and analysis. We will address a wide range of issues in diverse disciplines of water & waste from across the globe, and most importantly India.

The editorial policy of SWWW will always be guided by the high standards of content quality and integrity, professional responsibility, industry awareness, and staying neutral to all stakeholders that constitute the global water & waste sector. SWWW would be at the forefront to consistently highlight the issues crucial for the water & waste industry.

This anniversary special issue of SWWW is a collector’s edition of thought-pieces written and shared by Who’s Who of the Indian Water Sector – chalking out their agenda for its future.

I would like to express my gratitude to these industry titans and thought-leaders to help us present a memorable anniversary edition this month. My sincere thanks to Amit Vaidya, Anil Kumar Bansal, Avinash Kumar, Balakrishna BM, Chanchal Dasgupta, Chrys Fernandes, Fredrick Royan, Indra N Mitra, K Ashok Natarajan, Mahesh Gupta, Malini V Shankar, Marzin Shroff, Meenu Singhal, Pathik Gopani, Poonam Sewak, Prabhudas P Patel, Rajneesh Chopra, Rajul Parikh, Ranganath NK, S Suresh Kumar, Sadhguru, SK Sarkar, Subhash Sethi, Tarika Vaswani, Turbaashu Bhattacharya, and Yatin Tayalia.

From the next issue (November) onwards, we will begin including a special section on waste management every month. In our next four issues, the topics would be: Plastic Waste, Landfills, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Waste Collection. I request the waste management experts, consultants, and professionals to make editorial contributions on policies, technologies, industry & market analysis, projects, and other relevant topics. Waste Management is a field where there is so much to be discussed, shared, analyzed, and implemented. And only with your active support, we can come up with quality content on it every month.

– Mayur Sharma
Editor, Smart Water & Waste World Magazine

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