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India: Sahara Industry and DuPont have joined hands to increase access to safe water in three leading states of South India. With a focus on providing innovative water treatment solutions in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana; the partnership combines Sahara Industry’s expertise in water filtration and purification with DuPont’s competence in technical and membrane solutions.

Both the organizations intend to improve water quality through innovative and technologically advanced water treatment solutions available to people which are sustainable, can scale up, and make water clean and potable at an affordable cost.

Sahara Industry has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of 4″ DuPont Membrane that is designed to enhance sediment removal capabilities and widen applications to address chemical contamination concerns.

Abdul Rahman Mohammed, CEO, Sahara Industry

Abdul Rahman Mohammed, CEO of Sahara Industry commented on this partnership, “We are excited with this significant partnership and aim to improve water quality through innovation and assure that our customers will have protection against all contaminants from a particle of sand to invisible chemicals like arsenic and lead, etc.”


“It will help in protecting not only the health of people, but also save the costly appliances from corrosion damages enhancing their period of utility”, he continued.

“We firmly believe that with technology and optimization, we will be able to offer a complete range of filtration products which can be combined to filter harshest of water including taste and odor, lead and chlorine, and volatile organic compounds and chemicals. Sahara Industry has been showing great performance as we believe achieving more with less in our operations and we are motivated to continue the momentum into 2022”, Mr. Mohammed concluded.

Sahara Industry is a leading name among water treatment solution providers in India. In a legacy of about two decades, it has contributed immensely by making water safe for drinking, industrial and institutional purposes. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company has executed water and wastewater projects in the length and breadth of India as well as in several other countries.

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