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By Kishor Pumps


Since the plant is in a thickly populated area inside the city, space is very limited. To address this issue, the technology provider had designed the plant in such a way that SBR basins were built one above the other in a two-storeyed structure instead of having all the basins at the same level on the ground. This type of design was offered for the first time in India.

Initially, in this configuration, two different sized/ capacities pumps were considered because of the different head requirements of the two floors. However, in this arrangement, the required standby capacity was not available.


After understanding the problem Kishor team had a series of discussions with the contractor, consultants, and the technology provider about various alternatives. The Kishor team suggested using 5 identical pumps to be used with the help of VFD to take care of the requirement of feeding raw sewage to two different basins at two different levels and under different load conditions.

5 numbers of Submersible Sewage Pumps model ASTRA-SA 200-360 with 75 kW motor were suggested instead of different capacity combinations. In this alternative, the total flow requirement was being catered by 3 pumps with two pumps remaining as standby pumps.

Complete operational philosophy with VFD curves and operating parameters at varying load conditions were submitted to consultants during detailed engineering. The same after approval was given as an input for VFD and PLC.

Initial trials were done at the site immediately after installation which were satisfactory and in line with the operational philosophy.

All the stakeholders (Contractor, End User, Consultant, Technology Provider are happy about the working of pumps and system.


  • The plant could be accommodated within much lesser space than normal.
  • Both the requirements of meeting the flow and head conditions and the number of standby pumps were achieved.
  • With the help of VFD, optimum power consumption was possible.
  • In view of space restrictions for STPs especially in big cities, this arrangement has now proven successful is being considered at many STPs in metro cities and Kishor is better equipped to understand and satisfy correct technical requirements.

“After commissioning of the plant, we have had interactions with all related agencies, and all of them are happy about the solution provided by Kishor Pumps.”

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Kishor Pumps specializes in the pumping of liquids with high solids content (like sewage), as well as, liquids that are highly corrosive and abrasive in nature. Being the first to introduce dry motor submersible pumps for sewage application in India in the early 1980s, it has since supplied over 50,000 submersible pumps for sewage pumping stations and treatment plants. It has partnered with all relevant Ministries, Government Departments, Utility Boards, as well as, prominent technology and process consultants and EPC companies to continuously upgrade our products suitable for the changing application needs. Some examples include India’s first large VFD sewage pumping station in 2013 and India’s first multi-level sewage treatment plant in 2018.

This case study was published in the annual “Finest-50 Global Case Studies” Special Digital Edition, March-April 2022. Click here to read the complete e-Magazine issue.

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