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Bottled Water Distribution in Ukraine

Ukraine: Technology consultancy Isle has issued an update on water and sanitation workers directly affected by the war in Ukraine, and how Polish and Ukrainian water utilities are working together to help refugees fleeing the war-torn country.

The latest Water Action Platform webinar featured interviews with Klara Ramm, an expert working for the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce (PWCC), and wastewater specialist Dr. David Tyler at the European Banks for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD).

Poland borders Ukraine and is currently managing the influx of refugees from the ongoing crisis. The PWCC coordinates partnerships between Polish and Ukrainian water utilities.

“There are a lot of actions going directly to water utilities [in Ukraine] from Poland, for example providing equipment such as pumps, supporting recruitment – especially of Ukrainian women – and collecting donations. The financial support will be used for humanitarian and technical needs, including transport and much-needed water supplies,” said Ramm.

Examples of assistance that has been provided include the recruitment of Ukrainian refugees by Polish water utilities using a specialist website, and the coordination between 21 Polish water utilities to finance and transport 45,000 bottles of drinking water to eastern Ukraine.

The damage to infrastructure as a result of shelling and bombing and lack of electricity is severely impacting water and sewage services. To help tackle this, the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce website also includes a list of equipment needed by water utilities in Ukraine to help repair the network, for example, water pumps, fuel, and power generators.

The full interview with Ramm is available to watch here.

The EBDR’s Dr. Tyler discussed the impact on the countries neighboring Ukraine, and how the influx of millions of refugees is impacting the provision of water and waste services. To help combat this, the EBRD has announced a €2bn recovery package to help impacted cities meet the increased demand.

The webinar, presented by Piers Clark, chairman at innovation and business consultancy Isle also included highlights from Isle’s recent CEO peer-to-peer sessions on carbon net-zero.

Water Star Shines Brightly
In addition, Paula Kehoe, director of water resources with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was named a Water Action Platform Star for her work spearheading landmark legislation that allows for the collection, treatment, and use of alternative water sources in buildings and districts within the Californian city.

The Water Action Platform was initiated in March 2020 when Isle provided a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing for utilities across the world as they navigated their way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then it has grown rapidly and, whilst still focusing on key COVID-19 developments, a much wider range of water-related topics are covered. The Water Action Platform has become an incredibly vibrant forum for organizations and individuals to share their experiences; it is a brilliant example of collaboration and the sharing of best practices. The Water Action Platform includes over 1700+ members from 1000+ organizations across over 100 countries and is constantly growing.

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