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USA: The Water Research Foundation (WRF) has announced that Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are available for two new research projects. Additionally, RFPs will be available this summer for 10 additional research projects. The two new RFPs are as follows:

Project 4842: Enhancement of Resilience to Extreme Weather and Climate Events: Proactive Flood Management
Due Date/Time: 6/4/19, 2 PM MT

Project 4972: Expanding the Use of Wastewater Epidemiology Tools to Improve Water Quality, Identify Service Populations under Stress, and Promote One Water Goals for a Thriving City
Due Date/Time: 6/4/19, 2 PM MT

Specific questions about these RFPs should be directed to the WRF staff contact included on each RFP.

Proposals submitted in response to these RFPs must follow The Water Research Foundation’s document Guidelines for Focus Area Program Proposals. The guidelines contain instructions for the technical aspects, financial statements, and administrative requirements that the applicant must follow.

The Water Research Foundation also announced the kickoff of 10 new research projects that will be funded through the Foundation’s Research Priority Program. This is WRF’s strategic research program, which enables us to address broadly relevant subscriber issues, challenges, and opportunities with targeted research that lasts for a period of three to five years. The project concepts are developed by advisory committees and are then prioritized, approved, and funded by our Board-appointed Research Advisory Council (RAC). Descriptions for the 10 projects can be taken from the WRF team.

Requests for Proposals for each of these projects will open in the summer of 2019 and will be available on WRF’s proposal management webpage. Additionally, WRF is seeking Project Advisory Committee (PAC) volunteers to help review and refine the RFPs, review submitted proposals, monitor research progress and results, and to review and approve final project deliverables. Information on joining a PAC is available on our website as well. Additionally, WRF is providing opportunities for utilities to participate on these new research projects through the Utility Participation in Research (UPIR) process. Utilities can serve as a test facility, provide samples, respond to surveys, loan equipment, or share staff expertise on particular research projects of interest.

The Water Research Foundation is a 501c3 organization officially formed in January 2018 after the merger of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and Water Research Foundation. The merged Foundation is the leading water research organization, funding research, pilot projects, and technology demonstrations that maximize the value of all water, including wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, and recycled water.

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