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USA: WesTech Engineering, Inc. has announced the availability of RapiSand Plus™, a recent addition to its line of package treatment plants for municipal and industrial water and wastewater.

The RapiSand Plus package treatment plant provides both clarification and filtration within a single tank. It is designed to meet customer demands for a compact, low cost, high-performance system capable of treating high-solids and high-color influents to produce high-quality effluents.

And because both the clarification and filtration processes are from a single provider, it also meets the need for flawless integration between processes.

RapiSand Plus’s two-stage system is simple and versatile. The ballasted flocculation system in the first stage mixes coagulated raw water with microsand to create a ballasted floc that settles rapidly. The mixed-media filter in the second stage removes turbidity, remaining suspended solids, color, iron, and manganese to produce a high-quality effluent.

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