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“Cities accomplish many wonderful things – they enable people to exchange ideas, services and many other forms of collaboration. With an unexpected outbreak of coronavirus across the world in 2020, the lives – especially in cities, have come to standstill. In most cities, life is a shadow of what it once was, with streets empty, arenas abandoned, businesses shuttered.

The overarching message is clear: the ability of cities to respond to the current pandemic has greatly exposed the inequalities across the world. Our cities, particularly across India which is one of the fastest urbanizing countries, need to be better equipped to deal with future pandemics, and for that, we urgently need to confront the most critical roadblocks.

31st October celebrated as World Cities Day every year, aims to further the sustainable urban development agenda which subsumes the new normal of 2020. The pandemic is re-shaping the urban life around the world. With a stronger focus on “Valuing our Communities and Cities”, let us together engage with people, communities, institutions with increased vigour to systematically and strategically contribute to urban planning, implementation and monitoring and help co-create cities of the future.”

Smart Cities are stepping up to the task and sharing technical and technological resources to the larger goal of containing COVID-19. They provide an opportunity of turning ‘crisis into opportunity’ and our team at IPE Global has proactively responded to the call.

Kochi Smart City
Assisted the local police in sharing resources allocated for project activities; barricading of the points to avoid social mixing.

Tumakuru Smart City
Procured and deployed drones as part of smart city mission activities to assist the local authorities and stakeholders in monitoring movement all over the city, especially in hotspots.

Thiruvananthapuram Smart City
Setting-up of detection centers including counseling and testing, public awareness campaigns (IEC activities) through social media and other print and broadcasting mediums. Provided medical treatment services for affected people including training of health care staff.

Ujjain Smart City
Awareness broadcasting regarding Coronavirus preventive measures through 32 functioning variable message sign locations across the city, monitoring vehicles at 7 entry points through ANPR systems.

Launch of Covid-19 support application enabling tele-consulting services, reporting Covid-19 suspect cases, and access to essential services and products for certain categories of vulnerable citizens.

– Ashwajit Singh
Managing Director
IPE Global

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