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“Efficient use of water is one of the most concerning and critical challenges India has been battling with for a long time. The emergence of COVID-19 in late 2019 has highlighted the critical role that clean water and reliable sanitation can play in averting and monitoring diseases and build resilience to face any extraordinary challenges. As per UN SDG goals, it is estimated that 3 in 10 people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, and 6in 10 lack access to safely managed sanitation services.

Critical issues such as water scarcity, the resilience of water systems in the face of climate change and other water challenges and water affordability can put our health and safety, economy and environment – and our very future – at critical risk if not addressed today. To survive the post-pandemic years, sustainable water management fundamentals need to be instituted faster that includes enhancing operation and maintenance capabilities of water, reducing non-revenue water (NRW). Water network management and integrating smart water technologies into existing water infrastructure will empower us to meet the water needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

As a part of our 2025 Signature Goals, we at Xylem aim to provide access to clean water and sanitation solutions to at least 20 million people living at the base of the global economic pyramid, to reduce over 3.5 billion m3 of NRW, equivalent to the domestic water use needs of over 55 million people annually and treat 13 billion m3 of water for reuse, equivalent to the domestic water use needs of over 197 million people annually.

It’s our attempt to help the world solve water scarcity and affordability issues by building water systems resilience to climate change and other water challenges and empowering related communities. We define sustainability broadly, as responsible practices that strengthen the environment, global economy and society, creating a safer and more equitable world.”

– Amit Vaidya
Director, India – Metrology Business
Sensus, a Xylem brand

Sensus helps a wide range of public service providers – from utilities to cities and industrial complexes – do more with their infrastructure to improve the quality of life in their communities. It enables its customers to reach farther through the application of technology and data-driven insights that deliver efficiency and responsiveness. It partners with them to anticipate and respond to evolving business needs with innovation in sensing and communications technologies, data analytics, and services.

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