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“World Cities Day” to address the challenges of urbanization contributing to sustainable urban development is a great initiative.

One of the most important aspects of urbanization is water and wastewater. We are not running out of water but the real challenge is to provide enough clean water to a rapidly growing urbanization.

If we reuse wastewater at source, freshwater saving or conservation and sanitation, both are achieved at one go. So, wastewater recycle at source must be adopted at all levels of water management. Every drop counts!

How do we reuse wastewater at source? The answer is, small/ package waste treatment plants based on “Decentralized waste treatment”.

Let’s consider an example of a simple toilet flush. Every toilet flush converts 5 liters of fresh water into wastewater. It is a huge amount as every person converts at least 40 liters fresh water into wastewater.

Here, technologies and units like FBTec® come in picture. FBTec® makes every drop count. Installed at even a public toilet (Swacchh Bharat Mission) or SBM toilet, it is recycling 20,000 liters at source. It is a great idea and ideas like these will help every drop count and lead to sustainable urban development.

– Lalit Ramesh Bajare
Managing Director
Nixie Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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