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Amalgam Biotech, a Pune based global Biotechnology company has collaborated with Pune Municipal Corporation for the betterment of sanitation and hygiene at Public Toilets, Bio Toilets and urinals in the densely populated areas of Pune under the campaign – #Toilet_Saaf_Toh_Corona_Khalaas.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many slums and thickly populated areas in Pune are facing problems of sanitation, lack of man-power, proper knowledge of sanitation, risk of hygiene, etc. Residents have to deal with the problem of chocking of sewage line, foul smell, overloading of the septic tank, and flow of pathogen laden untreated water from overflow sump to the public sewer. These issues have a negative potential of creating health & hygiene problems for the people living in that locality.

PMC under the leadership of Dnyaneshwar Molak – Deputy Commissioner – SWM Department has been working tirelessly to fight the Covid-19 pandemic & also ensure that no other health and hygiene concern arises in these tough times.

I.S. Inamdar – Chief Health Inspector Solid Waste Management – PMC, Mrs. Swati Lokhande – Corporator & Mr. Roshan Asare – Application Specialist – Amalgam Biotech discussed upon this Health & Hygiene issue and came up with a solution to improve the sanitation standard of the Community Toilets, Biotoilets, Urinal blocks in densely populated corona prone slum areas of the city.

Amalgam Biotech manufactures Bacteria/microorganism based Bioculture for sanitation & wastewater Industry. Bacta Cult BSP comes in 50 gm sachet of water-soluble paper & filled with billions of sewage sludge eating bacteria. The entire sachet is simply dropped inside the toilet pot & it instantly dissolves in the water thereby releasing billions of bacteria into the Toilet/Bio-toilet/Septic tank. The bacteria then “eat away” the human waste making the toilet odor-free. This usage also eliminates the use of sewage vacuum suction tanker & pipeline cleaning. The urinals were provided with Bacta Swachh – Spray based liquid bacteria culture which makes the urinal block free of bad odors.

Bacta Cult BSP & Bacta Swachh contain specially formulated natural good bacteria that degrade waste in an environment-friendly way without disturbing mother nature. Both products have Zero harmful Chemicals and 100% environment friendly.

Under the active onsite guidance of Mr. Inamdar – PMC & Sanitation workers, the Technical team of Amalgam Biotech took up a 6 months long assignment in the areas of Shivajinagar, PMT main bus stand, Sancheti Hospital area & Patil estate area.

With this easy to use, high-performance product Amalgam Biotech intends to work closely with other municipal corporations in India to increase the overall sanitation standard of community Toilets. The company is already in talks with NGOs and corporates which are active in Health and sanitation space and share the vision of Our Honorable Prime minister in making Open Defecation Free India. With the “Make in India” & “Vocal for Local” campaigns, the company foresees a rapid acceptance of its indigenous swadeshi products.

In line with the campaign initiated by our honorable PM – Narendra Modi “Be Vocal for local”. We are proud that we have developed a world-class 100% Indian product.

We want this innovation to reach each and every urban society, stand-alone septic tanks, Toilets in the corporate workplaces, bio-toilets, and most importantly Public toilets in slum areas. We seek the support of corporates to include this product in their CSR activities & thereby improve the sanitation standards of the country at large.

– Ashutosh Vadanagekar
Technical Director
Amalgam Biotech

Amalgam Biotech, professionally engaged in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Biotechnology products for Environment. We have been manufacturing Bioculture using good quality raw materials, the latest technique, and modern machines following the guidelines of qualified and experienced Biotechnology experts who have specialization in this sector. Amalgam Biotech is promoted and managed by a team of techno-commercial experts with a combined experience of more than 100 years in Biotechnology and Waste Water. We are a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of various bacterial cultures for ETP, STP & WWTP.

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