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“We at Fortum, believe that in order to create a larger wave of positive change in the environment, we need to adopt a responsible multi-dimensional approach for sustainable growth of all our businesses. Our primary objective is to drive the change towards a cleaner world.


Our role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions. With the world fighting a global pandemic today, the environment seems to have benefited slightly. Nature seems to be reclaiming its space from the human-inflicted impacts over the past decades.


At Fortum, we have always strived to provide innovative solutions to facilitate sustainable growth and on this World Environment Day, we aim to accelerate this change towards resource efficiency and strengthen our values and vision towards a cleaner world.”

– Sanjay Aggarwal
Managing Director
Fortum India

Sanjay Aggarwal is the Managing Director, Fortum India and Global Head for Solar Power at Fortum, an energy company, primarily focused on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, and India. Prior to joining Fortum, Mr. Aggarwal was Chief of Projects, TATA Power, wherein he spearheaded Project Development & Project Management activities in Coal, Waste Gas, Hydro projects – covering power generation, combined heat and power solutions, and coal mining – in North and East India. With over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, he brings with him all-round expertise in Project Development, Project Management & Execution, Marketing and Sales of IPP/Industrial captive power plants, IPP Business Development, Developing BOOM/BOOT Models, Project & Structured Finance, Asset Management Services, Operation, and Management agreements, creating new businesses, coal-mine development, to name a few.

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