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“World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June in order to solve environmental issues so that new and effective schemes can be implemented to make the environment safer, healthier and safer for the future. This announcement was made by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 on the inauguration of the special conference on the Environment “Stockholm Human Environment Conference” as well as spreading awareness about the environment among the people of the whole world, it is celebrated every year with the aim of encouraging and encouraging people for active activities in the context of a clean and beautiful environment on Earth. It is celebrated with many preparations as major celebrations of the year, during which political and public works are increased.


The establishment of the World Environment Day (Weed) has been done with various plans, agendas and objectives to overcome all the environmental issues from this planet and to make this planet really beautiful. To focus on environmental issues and provide a face to the people on environmental issues, it was necessary to establish this special program for the environment. This function helps us to understand the importance of a healthy environment for a healthy life and motivate people as an active representative to ensure environment friendly development around the world. It spreads the general knowledge of the people, it is necessary for all countries and people to change for the sake of a safer and more prosperous future in the behavior of environmental issues.


The situation of our environment is declining day-by-day due to pollution and global warming. To safeguard the environment for a better future, we should promote environment-friendly development in our country.


This is the time that every individual should act on environment for feature generation.”

– BM Balakrishna
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