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“Greetings to all on the World Environment Day 2020.

We are living in an era of growing population, ever-expanding cities, power and water scarcity, hunger for food and ever declining biodiversity. The situation calls us to think, notice and take urgent action from all unsustainable practices we have been inflicting on environment. The ability of nature to provide what we need is fast declining. With little understanding of the need to conserve what is left, we are not realizing the impact it may be creating on very survival of the planet.


Water on earth is essential for the existence of life. But 1.1 billion people on the planet lacking access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion people live without appropriate sanitation resulting in loss of 2 million lives per year mostly children under the age of 5. Around 600 million people in India are facing extreme water scarcity and more than this lacks proper sanitation facilities.


In today’s modern world, technology has played a critical role in improving lives and has enabled social empowerment. The recent pandemic crisis has acted as a catalyst to accelerate our process of digitization. In the digital age, I foresee a digitized future for the environment conservation and mitigating degradation along with paving the way for economic and industrial evolution.


While we keep our focus on health and safety, it is important for us to also simultaneously focus on water conservation, energy efficiency, waste reduction and all sustainable activities. It is time to think for Environment, Time for Nature.”

– Subhash Sethi
SPML Infra Limited

Subhash Sethi leads SPML Infra towards growth with his visionary approach and business acumen. He has led the company to foray into energy business with several EPC and BOOT projects in renewable power generation, power transmission, distribution and supply management, coal mining, etc.

Established in 1981, SPML Infra Limited is a leading publicly listed infrastructure development company that has managed and implemented over 600 projects across India on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction).

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