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“If somebody asks me what are two things are under great scarcity, I would say Land and Water. Land and Water both are interconnected and being exploited by the human. As the human population keeps increasing, both the thongs are falling under stress. To utilized them judiciously, one has to focus on footprint reduction (Area, Carbon…), wherever we need to. Electro-coagulation and Electro-Oxidation are the technologies of many purposes and need of the hour.


These technologies are an electro-chemical process-based, in one technology electron transfer media (Electrodes) sacrificed and in another, that remains as it is. Technologies are not the victim of climate variability and able to survive in any climate condition, apart from the climate, these technologies have the least Area footprint requirement as if, compared to biological processes, along with that generate a very small amount of sludge, which also saves a good portion of land required for sludge handling.


Electro-coagulation and Electro-oxidation both have been proved to tackle any kind of pathogen and virus from the wastewater also does not generate any kind of disinfection by-product as generated by the conventional disinfection process like chlorination, ozone, etc.


As we all know that the use and demand of cosmetic and medical drugs are increasing the contamination of wastewater with non-biodegradable and non-degradable compounds also increasing, treatment of such wastewater is not in control and possible with conventional treatment technology but technologies like Electro-Coagulation and Electro-Oxidation are capable and well-assessed technologies and process to treat such wastewater to desirable wastewater quality limit.”

– Ritesh Kumar Patidar
Maxim Solutions

Ritesh Kumar Patidar is a young dynamic engineer, graduated from IIT Roorkee.

He has to have vast experience of process adequacy, designing, engineering, feasibility, and technology assessments for wastewater treatment units and recycling systems.

He is Co-Founder of Maxim Solutions which is working on novel technologies for wastewater management.