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“The time for nature has become more relevant this year with the pandemic spread across the globe; while affecting lives it has also delivered unusual environmental benefits in terms of cleaner air, lower carbon emissions, clean water, lesser waste generation, and a respite for wildlife among others. There is a lesson for us that given the opportunity, nature can repair and restore itself.


We are dependent on it for everything and need to understand that environmental conservation is not only to protect the nature around us but also to ensure that our future generations can continue to live and breathe on this planet. Our efforts in conservation cannot be isolated; every individual from the developed nations to the poorest countries in the world must think about nature and change the way they behave with it in order to ensure sustainability.


With the coronavirus affected lockdowns, the world is moving towards a change that is likely to be permanent. From digitizing the business practices to adopting strategies that will help accelerate environment protection, measures we are taking today will certainly see the benefits in the coming times.


As business stability and growth, we represent access to clean air and water for our customers and we need to refocus on building a sustainable environment for them. Our focussed action for environment conservation is the need of the time and it must be there in everybody’s mind, today and always.”

– Mohammed Naser Azeez
Managing Director
Aquality Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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