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“Today, the world is celebrating ‘Environment Day’, but unlike every year this year it is different. People around the world are struggling to keep themselves safe from the tiny virus which was not known to us till the last year. The forced lockdown globally due to pandemic has been helpful towards mitigating the colossal loss the environment has suffered over the years due to human misadventures.


With factories and businesses closed everywhere combined with fewer vehicles on the road and fewer planes in the sky, our natural environment started its recovery, although slowly. In India, we have witnessed improvements with air quality, noise pollution, water quality, less waste, biodiversity and the wildlife that came out of hiding among others due to the reduced industrial and human activities. The kind of recovery shown by the Mother Nature during lockdowns, we started noticing the environment around us transforming considerably.


The period of lockdowns also taught us some critical lessons. While we keep our focus on health and safety, it is important for us to acknowledge that we need to also simultaneously focus on environment preservation, reduce the destruction of eco-systems and provide our continued support to conserve water, conserve energy, reduce waste, recycle and replenish our shrinking natural resources. It is time to wake up, take notice, take action, and protect the environment. It is Time for Nature.”

– Tariq Siddiqui
Senior Media Professional

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