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“This World Environment Day, it is time for nature!

Nature has put a reset button on us and we are experiencing things due to COVID-19 which we never thought we will be able to see in our lifetime.


We see nature bringing back its glory – better air quality, better water quality in rivers, and various species coming to surface.


All this gives us hope that we can co-exist with nature and we need to protect it rather than destroy it for our convenience.


So be…
Pro-energy conservation, and


On this World Environment Day…
There is ample amount of energy consumption challenge which we face on a day-to-day basis. We need fans, AC, washing machines, industrial machines, etc – to run our life.


Imagine, if we can use energy-saving devices and equipments which will help us to save lot of energy how would the world be.


So don’t just look at capital cost of products, but look at life-time cost of products.


Use energy-saving…and high-reliable Adelino Pumps for saving your money.

– Amitkant Jain
Product Manager – Adelino Pumps
Aquanomics Systems Limited

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