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“The current situation around COVID-19 has changed the way we live, and has made us realize that the concept of waste doesn’t exist in nature. Waste is a man-made concept and a huge environmental issue for India. India ranks as the 6th largest producer of waste with more than 43,000 industries producing 19,000 tonnes of waste every day which is similar to disposing 10,000 cars into the landfill daily. The way we see our waste is simply not enough. We need to find innovative mechanisms to convert our waste into an asset in a way that it is environmentally-sustainable, socially-impactful, and economically-viable.


Also, being involved in the community is a key to finding new ways to help. Groups such as Rotaract for Youth, Interact for School, Eco Centres in schools and colleges are some of the organizations that help young people with the guidance and experience required in this field. Being aware is just a small step, the real responsibility is for us to start innovating and executing. We are the torch bearers of society and we need to lead for a sustainable future.


India can be a leading solution provider of zero waste technologies where one man’s waste become another man’s treasure and where we make locally and sell globally. I would like to call it ‘Pariyavaran Sthir Atmanirbharta’ (Eco Sustainable Self Reliance).”

– Rotarian Dr. Binish Desai
Environmentalist / The Recycle Man of India
Founder & CEO – Eco Eclectic Technologies

Dr. Binish Desai has earned the moniker, ‘Recycle Man’ who turns industrial waste into new assets. His innovative product portfolio includes P-Block bricks, lamps & chandeliers, artificial wood, etc all made of different kinds of industrial wastes. He is inspired by the Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self”, and started his Rotary International journey as a Youth Exchange student. Today, he is a Rotarian and CEO of Eco Eclectic Technologies which transforms industrial waste into useful items that people can use in their everyday lives. Today, he is a Padma Shri nominee and has received many national and international awards for his contributions. Dr. Desai has also been one of Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs.

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